Back in the Saddle Again!


I spent a marathon evening last night putting the final touches on packing up and readying the house for our houseguests who will watch over the hacienda and four-legged children. At this point, I am so ready to ride!


I’ve had the fashion wardrobe and accessories laid out for a week, and have wondered many times while passing by the pile if I could ever get it to fit in my saddlebags and dry sack…success! I only had to put back ONE little sundress to make it all fit. Whew!


Then came the task of pairing up the new iPhone 6 with my helmet bluetooth system. It took a few minutes and a check of the manual for a short refresher course, but when I saw that glorious blue light, I gave a small fist pump knowing I could cross one more thing off the list.


So now after a moment of peace over a cup of coffee while looking out over my vast green landscape, it’s time to log in the odometer, suit up and start making memories. Hendersonville, North Carolina, here I come! Cheers!

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Debbie Gasque
Debbie Gasque

My name is Deb...I get extreme enjoyment out of music, am a big-hearted Idealist, possess a huge passion for fashion…and just in the last eight years, have built a life around long-distance motorcycling.

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