BunBurner 1500 Staging Complete

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(The Fashionista’s “undergear” prior to the “overgear” – an Aerostich suit that is highly protective, but I call my “Big-Booty-Judy” suit…not flattering whatsoever.)

This morning’s ride out of the paddock went very smoothly, even with so much extra weight due to camping equipment and three weeks worth of my girly stuff, but that’s pretty much non-negotiable. My new rear tire felt amazing, as did my new “squishy” hand grips, as I glided down the road and found my groove…a groove that I have been missing since my last long ride in May. With all the excitement of this new website, photo shoots, magazine articles and trip planning, I haven’t had any time in the saddle. But, I will be making up for it these next three weeks, believe me!

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We laid down just under 300 miles today…enough to get back in riding shape, but not too much so as to preserve energy for the next two days. Today was a “slab” day – for those who don’t know the lingo, slab=Interstate. It’s boring and monotonous, but it gets you where you need to go quickly when there is purpose involved. And, here I will insert my plea to ALL drivers, everywhere: please, please understand that the left lane is for PASSING, not for cruising. Too many drivers today were blocking the passing lane like it was their prerogative, or maybe they thought that left or right is just a choice, much like picking a shirt color for the day. Regardless, IT IS DANGEROUS to block the left lane at high speeds on an Interstate!!! I witnessed way too many near-misses today because of those kind of drivers. I beg you, please don’t be one, or you’ll see The Fashionista rolling by you in the right lane, shaking my head in shame at you for your ignorance. Okay, my rant is over…

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So upon arrival to the “staging area” in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and hotel check-in, there was a much-needed meal involved, a pedicure and manicure for relaxation and a trip to the grocery store for apples (a great pick-me-up on the road) and fluids to hydrate. During that shopping trip, I almost lost my mind and did something terrible…there staring at me in the bakery section, which was too near the produce section, were four beautiful, luscious mini RED VELVET CUPCAKES. I fought off the temptation with ninja skills and was able to walk away with just the apples. Go me! At least this time…

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The remainder of the evening has been all prep for the start of tomorrow’s Iron Butt Association BunBurner 1500 ride, which will commence at 7:00 AM (EST) tomorrow (July 18) and is planned to end at 4:00 PM (MST) on Sunday, July 19, in Rapid City, South Dakota. The helmet shield is clean, the power snacks and hydration fluids packed, and the electronics are charged. And, the breakfast location and fuel stop are conveniently located across the parking lot from the hotel, so everything is in line to run smoothly in the morning. I will be doing on-the-road reporting via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow along throughout the day. As long as all goes well, I hope to post a report here tomorrow night, but it may be delayed until Sunday if there are hiccups along the way. But, that’s all in the name of high-adventure in my book!

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I look forward to hearing some shout outs from you all! Cheers! 💋


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