Led Zeppelin + Escalante, Utah = The Grand Staircase to Heaven


UTAH! It happens to be my hometown and birthplace. This state has some of the most gorgeous scenery in our country, and traveling through it on two wheels for the first time has been amazing and overwhelming for me.

As I entered into Utah from Idaho on I-15, I was absolutely elated to be back and riding a motorcycle for the first time ever in my home state…the moment crossing over garnered one of my famous mighty fist pumps! And then the traffic grew more and more thick and horribly congested. Of all the places I have driven in heavy traffic on my motorcycle, my home city proved to be the worst and most scary, as drivers of all kind here do not have an ounce of respect for motorcyclists.

After landing safely, I was treated to so many special family homecomings and gatherings where “The Fashionista” was celebrated. I feel so loved!



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Then we trekked our way through picturesque south-central Utah. Oh, WOW!

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The landing spot that night was Torrey, Utah, the gateway to Capitol Reef National Park. I enjoyed the evening watching the almost full moon rise on one horizon, and then turning around to watch the gorgeous sunset on the other…amazing!

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The next morning’s views were, again, amazing…

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So, on to the Escalante area…we traveled through the Dixie National Forest. There were casual curvy roads leading to this beautiful area where cattle are allowed to roam near and on the road.


And the scenery was beyond amazing with the vast, far-away vistas that looked more like paintings than real life scenery.

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The Burr Trail was the next destination. Just off of scenic Highway 12 near Boulder, Utah, is this historic road where John Atlantic Burr in the late 1800s used the road to move cattle back and forth for their summer and winter grazing areas. Although paved, the road is a little rough and not quite a span of two lanes. It’s not well-traveled, so traffic was extremely rare, thankfully. The Burr Trail was one of the highlights of my epic trip out West, for sure! As I traveled through this vast land, almost with a Sci-Fi type of landscape, the Led Zeppelin song I was listening to at the time, “Stairway to Heaven,” seemed absolutely perfect for the experience. The up-close scenery is definitely worth a drive down this 30 mile (each way) road. A note to motorcyclists: 20 miles, each way, of this road is loose gravel. If you’re not experienced in driving in these conditions, you may want to consider forgoing this route.

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Somehow or another, I managed to beast my way up and down this road, which was near 60 miles round-trip, but I must admit, it was awesome. And then there was the Escalante-Grand Staircase…absolutely heavenly, and truly a “bucket-list” item to see.

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Next stop, my birthplace of St. George, Utah. After making our way through the amazing scenery of Zion National Park (video to come), there was a stop at the River Rock Roasting Company for a quick sandwich and craft brew. WOW! The small shop sits atop a canyon in LaVerkin, Utah, overlooking the Virgin River. The food, beverages and scenery are definitely worth a visit!

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And then views from St. George…

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I’ll have to admit, it was honestly a huge high to be able to ride my motorcycle through my home state for the first time ever. My visit back home to Utah was absolutely amazing, and I look forward to coming back on two wheels again soon (except for the overly careless drivers). The last jaunt through Utah was in Kanab – a cute little town that boasts being the “Little Hollywood” of Utah. Check it out…

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So, now it’s time to start heading East…be sure to keep up with the adventures here! And, thank you for riding along with me! 💋

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