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Merino Wool Crew
Merino Wool Tall

I must first say O-M-G! These socks are above and beyond amazing. RoadGear has completely outdone themselves on this gem. I was given a pair of these Performance Merino Wool socks to try out at the BMW MOA International Rally in Billings, Montana, in July. During my years of motorcycling over several thousand miles, I have tried a reasonable amount of brands of socks specifically designed for the long-distance motorcyclist. Out of all the socks I’ve tried, I had a pretty decent favorite that I’ve stuck with over the past couple of years…until I tried the RoadGear Performance Merino Wool Tall socks. Whoa!

When I first saw the words “Merino Wool,” I immediately thought “itchy” and “hot.” Absolutely INCORRECT. This pair of socks have been the most comfortable and breathable sock I think I’ve ever put on my foot…no lie! As I rode many, many miles with these socks on my feet in elevated temperatures, I noticed the air flowing through my boots and through these great socks. I actually had a breeze I’ve never had before! And although The Fashionista typically doesn’t wear an article of undergarments for more than a day, I wanted to put these socks to the ultimate test. I wore these socks for THREE straight days of motorcycling in my boots, without washing. This is where I was so completely and highly impressed…NO STINK! Obviously, The Fashionista never wants to smell anything but lovely. But, these socks make it super convenient on a long-distance run to not have to worry about your footwear. I took them off each night and let them air out on top of my boots, and they were so fresh every morning. WOW!

When I did wash them, I was worried about them being “wool” and shrinking beyond reason…NOPE! Now, of course, I air dry most of my performance gear, so a spin for these socks in a hot clothes dryer had not been experimented with to date. But a wash and air dry has no effect on their fit.

I am completely impressed with the RoadGear Performance Merino Wool socks, and would highly recommend them to my fellow motorcyclists with confidence. Give them a try…you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!! 💋

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Debbie Gasque
Debbie Gasque

My name is Deb...I get extreme enjoyment out of music, am a big-hearted Idealist, possess a huge passion for fashion…and just in the last eight years, have built a life around long-distance motorcycling.

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