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Be sure to click on the NEW menu item: MOTO-SHOP to see merchandise available for sale! Currently, I’ve got “Classy Can Coozies” for sale, but will have more IB Fashionista stuff available in the near future.

Your purchase of this merchandise will help support the adventures and anecdotes of my travels.

If you would like to support my endeavors on a larger scale and have your advertisement displayed prominently and permanently on my website, please email me at:

I am so grateful to you all, and hope you enjoy the exciting adventures to come! 💃🏻


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Debbie Gasque
Debbie Gasque

My name is Deb...I get extreme enjoyment out of music, am a big-hearted Idealist, possess a huge passion for fashion…and just in the last eight years, have built a life around long-distance motorcycling.

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