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Last weekend, I traveled to LaGrange, Georgia to spend the weekend with my two besties. Even though it wasn’t a “working” trip, I couldn’t resist stopping and nosing around some interesting locations.

I traveled approximately 450 miles that day and enjoyed just about every minute of the journey. The only crappy part was the last stop I made, which was way overdue, to hydrate, fuel up, grab a snack and charge my Scala Rider bluetooth unit which had shut off – meaning I had no tunes, and that isn’t a good thing for me. I was a little over 100 miles from my destination of LaGrange, Georgia, and found a gas station that had a Huddle House attached. Even though it was not my preference AT ALL, I knew I could get out of the heat, eat and charge my electronic. Well, it was downright gross…but all items on my checklist got accomplished. I saddled back up and smiled, knowing I would be to my destination in an hour and a half and surrounded by my soul sisters.

I arrived just in time for a delicious home-cooked meal and a bottle of my favorite Cab (Z. Alexander Brown, to be exact). Most importantly, I was with my tribe and happy to spend some downtime over the weekend. I also had an instant “boyfriend” for the weekend – this little dude, Cavan, would hardly leave my side and slept with me for a few hours every night.


The weekend was fantastic and full of heart-to-heart talks, shopping, eating, napping and a little time with this jewel of a human being – Miss Betty, my friend’s neighbor. She is 88 years old, a native of LaGrange, Georgia and has the most beautiful smiling eyes. Betty was quite the character and had me smiling immediately. She is a very unique poet and for years wrote poems to document her travels all over the world. Absolutely fascinating!

Miss Betty’s “Porch Rules”…

As the sun set on the last evening of my stay, I knew I would be returning the next morning feeling stronger and much happier. I spent some time planning my route home so I could do some peeping around the back roads of lovely Georgia.

After an early morning of coffee, packing up and goodbye hugs, I set off to explore…

FDR State Park…

Quaint, historic courthouses and monuments along the way…


And, then PLAINS, GEORGIA!!! Home of Jimmy Carter, our 39th President of the United States…


I stopped into the U.S. National Park Service Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, Plains High School, where both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter went to school.


It was in this very well-preserved historic building that I found evidence that Jimmy appreciated two-wheels, as well!

Next, it was a quick dip into Billy Carter’s Service Station where the media hung out during President Carter’s election.

And then it was time to explore the Carter Boyhood Farm and Home…


It was getting super hot, and the gnats were a tremendous harassment, so I suited back up and hit the road. After almost 70 miles, my gas tank was on fumes and I was dehydrated and hungry. I stopped at a nice, small truck stop, and after a peek at the mileage left of my journey, I realized I was going to have to take the fast route, which is absolutely NO FUN…but necessary.

After a hot, boring and at times scary jaunt on Interstate 16 and then Interstate 95, I got off on a familiar highway and enjoyed a much cooler and pleasant final leg of the journey (which included a last stop for fuel…and a cold treat!)

I glided into my homestead barely before dark and enjoyed an ice-cold libation while unpacking. After this 999 mile journey (round trip), my soul was smiling.

Twenty-four hours later, I had my nose buried back into the maps looking for my next adventure…stay tuned!!! 💃🏻

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Debbie Gasque

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