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BMW Demo Day!
Favorites from May 2017
On the Road Again!
Prepping for Das Rally!
Southern Comfort On Two Wheels

BMW Demo Day!

Where am I off to now?!?!


I recently took a trip to Motorcycles of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina, to test ride several of the newest BMW motorcycles on the market. Watch for the full story in the July 2017 issue of BMW Owners News Magazine! But, until then, here are a couple of “teasers”….



Favorites from May 2017

Here are a few of my favorites from the month of May!

On the Road Again!


Here I go again! I’m stoked to finally be doing an “on the road” blog again. It’s not an easy thing to do. After a long day’s ride, typically it’s unload, unpack, shower, find somewhere to eat…and by the time I’m back in the room and chilling, my eyelids are shutting down for the night. This time, I’m guessing, it was just over a 250-mile day (super-short, in my book!) and the temps were decent. I got in, did the usual, but not so fatigued. I’ve arrived (location, pics and more info to come) at this wonderful B&B, which is my locale for the next two nights, and am looking forward to exploring this area in which I’ve never laid eyes on. How exciting!

My day of riding was nirvana. It’s been over a month since I’ve been on two wheels. The last trip ended so abruptly (the full story to be revealed in the October 2016 issue of BMW Owners News magazine), so cruising out today meant so much. It was difficult leaving without my riding buddy, but victorious knowing he is alive and well to tell his tales! He will catch up with me at the tail end of the trip.

The only white-knuckle part of my day – as I’m cruising fastidiously away from a dangerous “rolling roadblock” on a four-lane highway, probably going too many miles past the speed limit, a highway patrol officer comes blazing up the left lane towards me…and I’m thinking I’m toast. He apparently had bigger and better to deal with…he left me in his dust as he blazed by me, with not even a glance. With giant eyeballs protruding, I exclaimed, “It’s my LUCKY DAY!”

These giant blue eyes need some rest…more soon! 💋

Prepping for Das Rally!


Helllllooooooo, July! It has been unbearably hot and humid so far this month, with heat advisories almost every day, so riding hasn’t been too frequent lately. Actually, I’ve spent a lot of time indoors staying cool which has given me the opportunity to get my packing super organized and done early (a new record) for an upcoming big trip. I’m now literally counting down the hours until I can roll that throttle on and cruise down the road – destination #1: Hamburg, New York, for the BMW MOA Das Rally 2016. I’m hoping to get some good, solid sleep the night before departure, but my excitement builds daily, as I can’t wait to get to Das Rally and hang around with my “tribe” for four days.


Following my adventures at the home of the Hamburger, it’s off to visit friends in New York and Montreal and then on to the next phase of this journey…the “2016 Summer Nor’easter on Two Wheels!” I will cover Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina – and then of course, home to South Carolina. This adventure will focus on the Eastern Seaboard – and you can be sure there will be plentiful “Lobstah” in my future!


So, how does a Fashionista pack for an extended journey such as this? My vast travel experience is very helpful, but the skilled part is finding light fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily and shoes and accessories that can be mixed and matched…and can all fit into two saddlebags and a dry-sack. As I mentioned earlier, these past two weeks being forced inside due to extreme heat has given me ample time to collect a wardrobe which will be versatile in my travels, yet stay within my fashion bounds. It a fun challenge I look forward to on each trip. As I’m in the “gathering” phase, I usually start fretting about having too many things and have doubts that all will fit. But, somehow it always works out.

IMG_8491 IMG_8493

Additionally, I have two new products to test out while on this trip – cooling base layers by VNM SPORTGEAR (vnmsportgear.com), and a helmet liner for ladies with long hair by RACI BABI DIVA DOO RAG (raci-babi.com). Both of these companies were created by women who were on the hunt for better riding products made just for women. I’m so excited to give these items a good, long test on this trip. Be sure to watch for upcoming reviews!


So, now that I’m completely packed and have almost completed my “to-do” lists, I wait…and count…and dream about all that is to come on this journey. It’s a for-sure that there will be future posts and lots of pictures shared here, so keep checking back and enjoy the adventures with me! 💋


Southern Comfort On Two Wheels

I made the promise back in October (2015) to blog the details of my Southern U.S. motorcycling tour. I posted quite a few pictures of my many adventures traveling through Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia, but never wrote the blog to go along with them…well, here’s why! What started as an adventurous trip throughout the back roads of the South turned into a full-blown article for the BMW Owners News magazine. I decided to stay only in “Bed and Breakfast” accommodations so I could get the full flavor of the places I stopped, and I did just that! What a great experience I had on that journey.

Click the link below to view my published article, “Southern Comfort On Two Wheels,” appearing in the December 2015 issue of BMW Owners News magazine! My article starts on Page 60. Enjoy! 💋

Click link:
Southern Comfort On Two Wheels

Be sure to check out the amazing accommodations I stayed in while making my journey through the gorgeous landscape of the U.S. South…

IMG_4253 3

(Starling’s Rest Bed & Breakfast – Natchez, Mississippi)


(T’Frere’s House Bed & Breakfast – Lafayette, Louisiana)


(Fort Conde Inn – Mobile, Alabama)


(Open Gates Bed & Breakfast – Darien, Georgia)

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