206 Center Street  McCammon, ID 83250; (208)254-4340;


“Historic Luxury” is the description this hotel’s website uses to describe the property…and they are not lying! The Harkness Hotel is over-the-top fabulous!!!

Nestled into the quaint little town of McCammon, Idaho, less than 200 miles from Yellowstone National Park and just under 150 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah, this glamorous hotel seems so out of place, yet so perfectly placed for an amazing remote getaway.

The hotel is located off of I-15 (Exit 47) and honestly was far and beyond the description I found on Trip Advisor…in such an amazing way. When we pulled up at almost midnight due to unexpected delays on our motorcycle journey across Yellowstone National Park, I was happy to see that the property was, indeed, very historic and also in a quiet, small town. There was parking all around the building, and I never felt worried about my motorcycle being damaged or stolen overnight.

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The rates (at least until the masses catch on to this fabulous property) are phenomenally low for the luxury you receive! I paid much more on my motorcycle trip out West for 2-star hotels than this 4- star, possibly 5-star, property. Very reasonable and so glamorous! (Now, a warning to those who cannot or do not like to climb an easy set of stairs – at this point there are no elevators, and the Harkness Hotel’s guest rooms are all upstairs. Please note though, they do have plans in the future for accessible accommodations.)

So upon a late arrival, we were greeted by the property owner who was somewhat quiet, but very warm and welcoming. He showed us the way to our room, “The Ebony,” which was done in black, white and grey tones, and had a dazzling chandelier hanging in the bedroom area. The room was spacious with its 11 foot ceiling and the surroundings just immaculate. There was a charming little sitting area complete with a small micro fridge and mini-microwave, and the bathroom was rectangular but spacious, complete with gorgeous historic tiling, a roomy glass enclosed shower and an amazing view of the mountains surrounding this sweet little town.

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So, coming off of a BMW MOA International Rally, making our way down Beartooth Pass and then through Yellowstone National Park and continuing throughout the gorgeous Idaho mountain areas, the Hotel Harkness was like landing in heaven! Glamorous, historic, clean and classy – I’m not sure that another hotel property can ever come close to to what the Harkness Hotel has to give.

I spent some time with the owner after a good night’s sleep, and he is an amazzzzzzzing designer and artist. A young husband and father of two little girls, this absolute genius has taken an historic building in his home town and turned it into an accommodation worthy of big city sparkle. He has a natural eye for the spectacular, and I feel there will be much more fabuloso coming from his amazing vision. Once he realized I appreciated his vibe, he took me on the most amazing tour of the breathtaking suites and other rooms he has created in his hotel, as well as a tour of the rugged spaces he envisions as being restaurant, wine cellar and spa areas…Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!Copper-Main-1000-x-667-living Indigo-Bedroom-1000x667 Pearl-suite-kitchen-001_1575x1050 plum-bathroom Ruby-kitchen-living1 the-gold

All I can say at this point is that if you travel through the states of Idaho or Utah, please please PLEASE consider a stop at The Harkness Hotel…it is absolutely AMAZING. And, hey….I even bought the T-shirt! It’s that good! 💋

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