T’Frere’s House Bed & Breakfast

1905 Verot School Road, Lafayette, LA 70508; 337.984.9347

On a Southern road trip tour in October 2015, after riding miles through picturesque bayous loaded with Cypress trees draped full of Spanish Moss and then past a vast number of ancient, towering plantation homes, I arrived at T’Frere’s House Bed & Breakfast where I had a room booked for the night to explore this Cajun wonderland. The location of T’Frere’s House is situated around residential neighborhoods; it is not within walking distance of the historic town of Lafayette, restaurants or taverns. However, Uber service is available in Lafayette, which is very budget-friendly and reliable in this area.


On site motorcycle parking is safe, easy and plentiful. After checking in to my cozy cottage room, the “Fais Do Do,” (located in a cedar building near the historic main house) and enjoying a complimentary glass of wine with a sampling of “Boudin” balls, I readied myself for the evening, called my Uber, and headed out for some Cajun fun.


The next morning over a delicious, gourmet breakfast in the main house, I enjoyed lively conversations with a table full of European vacationers as we shared our individual experiences of Lafayette from the previous evening. I was also able to chat with the three young Acadian ladies who oversaw the duties around T’Frere’s House Bed & Breakfast. They were great in answering my plethora of cultural questions I had following my wonderful night dining and then dancing at a Cajun dance hall. T’Frere’s House was a quaint, historic accommodation full of Cajun character and Lafayette charm, and I would definitely recommend a stay here! 💋

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Debbie Gasque
Debbie Gasque

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