221 Linton Avenue, Natchez, MS 39120; 601.653.9292

Natchez, Mississippi which sits right along the mighty Mississippi is a fantastic place to visit and explore. When I visit Natchez in October 2015, Starling’s Rest is the B&B I chose for my stay there. It was situated in a charming neighborhood full of stately Antebellum homes decorated with flowering bushes and colossal oak trees draped in Spanish Moss. This very lovely inn was the easiest on my wallet, yet ended up being a big winner in my accommodations book. Motorcycle parking was the only challenge I faced at the Starling’s Rest, as the parking area behind the house includes negotiating two narrow, sharp turns and then up a steep driveway to a flat spot. It might be better to find a nice spot on the much flatter street beside Starling’s Rest. Once I was safely parked for the night and my saddlebags were unloaded, I entered into this fantastic historic home and was delighted with the gorgeous antique furniture in every room and lovely artwork that adorned the walls.

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The Starling’s Rest had a distinct “welcome home” feeling. It didn’t hurt that the kitchen, which was open to guests, had a beer cooler stocked full of an amazing assortment of craft brews. After a long day’s ride, that sight was an oasis, for sure. My room was also stocked with a large, plentiful snack basket that had an empty Mason jar in the center. The Starling’s Rest owner operates on an “honor system,” and asks guests to put a fair price on items consumed and leave money in the jar accordingly. Great psychology there. My favorite part about this convenience – once the motorcycle was parked, there was no need to travel back out for a snack or beverage run.

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The bedroom and bathroom were very sizable and comfortable, and after a fun night exploring this fabulous historic town, I enjoyed a beautiful night’s sleep. The next morning was a very casual, Continental-type breakfast, which suited me just fine as there were many items available. Most importantly, the coffee was delicious! And, you just can’t beat the price here for all you get. Starling’s Rest Bed and Breakfast is highly recommended! 💋

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