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Hi, my name is Deb “The Iron Butt Fashionista” Gasque, and I’m a motojournalist, motorcycle gear product tester, blogger, etc., etc. During the past year and a half of this super badass venture (and hoping for many more), I have done a few things of the aforementioned pretty darn well…but “blogging,” in its truest form, was not one of them. My intentions were good, but we all know how the old saying goes – and my plan is to NEVER ride down “that” road.

So with this new year comes one of my heartiest goals – to be a regular blogger. Of course, I will still be writing my regular column in the BMW Owners News Magazine and doing product reviews, along with writing regularly for the soon-to-be-launched Modern Moto Magazine, as well as my other side ventures that I participate in (Loud Pipes! podcasts, etc.). So where in the world will I find time to (finally) keep up my blog posts? Well I’m not sure yet, but I am sure that while I’m on my 2-wheeled journeys, I have a lot of random, fun and fairly interesting stuff to pass along. And that, to me, is the essence of a true “blog.”

So…without further ado (and now that I’m on my first 2-wheeled journey of 2017), I present to you:

DAY 1 – “The Last Nine of 48”

Prior to launch this morning, my excitement was large, and for some reason my anxiety was as well. I hadn’t ridden in three months, but no big deal, right? Contrarily, it was a big scary deal prior to my departure. I’m thinking that during the sedentary months of November, December and January, I need to take up some weird hobby to keep my mind from overthinking every single angle in this world. Needless to say, I left this morning and all was well with the world…except it was 40 degrees and overcast for the first half of the ride. And, no, I don’t yet own heated gear. After the first hour on the road and all the settling that needs to be done with gear, bike and mind adjustments, I began to really enjoy myself – despite the frigid temps.

As I traveled south through South Carolina and into Georgia, the sun peeked out several times and the temperatures rose to a happy medium for February. Aside from the random idiots in their 4-wheeled dwellings who were either angry at the world or intently texting on their smartphones, the roads and ride were pleasant. I did get to experience a couple of moments today that make riding a motorcycle so stupendous – the breathtaking scenery that takes you by surprise. One of those fabulous moments was near Savannah, Georgia where I rode the short jaunt down Highway 170 through the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge – it was truly an OMG moment!

I, admittedly, was thrilled to get to my hotel after 400 miles on the road. With the chill in the air and being out of riding shape, I was whipped and ready for some downtime. I got in just in time to enjoy some all-American excitement via Superbowl Sunday. This trip has a dual-faceted mission – one to cover a travel story for the upcoming April 2017 issue of BMW Owners News Magazine and the other to visit dear friends at the tail end of the journey. For now, my lights have dimmed and I’m ready for sleepy time – but there will be much to report on after I arrive at my destination tomorrow…so stay tuned! 💋

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Debbie Gasque
Debbie Gasque

My name is Deb...I get extreme enjoyment out of music, am a big-hearted Idealist, possess a huge passion for fashion…and just in the last eight years, have built a life around long-distance motorcycling.

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