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1994 BMW R1100 RS

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I am the proud owner of a sassy little vintage beauty, a 1994 BMW R1100 RS, pearl white with an unusually colored stock seat – turquoise blue. Upon my initial inspection of this bike in 2014 at a BMW shop in Durham, North Carolina, I had my doubts. At first glance, I thought the seat color was just plain weird. And secondly, this motorcycle was huge compared to the 2005 BMW F650 GS I had been riding for four years prior. My husband found it online during one of his marathon browse sessions, and felt sure it would be perfect for me. Standing there staring at it in the parking lot that day, I wasn’t so sure. But then I took it for a seven-mile test ride, rolled on that throttle and fell head-over-heels in love. And, the seat? That crazy color grew on me, and at 22-years old, it’s actually pretty comfy. 💋

1994 BMW R1100 RSL

IMG_5399 IMG_5283
In October 2015, my husband found this handsome steed just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, and knew it would be another great fit for The Fashionista. This pristine machine is in prime condition and has some really great upgrades for its age, including heated grips. Extreme long-distance riding certainly puts a body to the test…but my most common issues are with my hands getting sore and chilly weather turning my fingers numb. Not good when you’ve got a clutch in your left hand and a throttle and front brake in your right hand. So heated grips are amazing! I am excited to spend some time and miles getting to know this gorgeous ride!

And I’ve decided that this sweet BMW will be deemed The Fashionista’s “formal wear,” (properly named “The Chanticleer”) while my pearly white RS above is my “casual wear” (better known as “Henrietta.”) It works for me! 💋

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