Who Is The Fashionista?


A few random facts about me…my name is Deb, I’m left-handed, was born on Valentine’s Day, and I have a terrible weakness for Red Velvet cupcakes. Coffee, and I mean the good stuff, is paramount in the mornings to get my brain cells firing properly. I love to be outdoors breathing in every bit of nature that I can wrap myself around, from the mountains to the ocean, the desert to the country. I get extreme enjoyment out of music, am a big-hearted Idealist, possess a huge passion for fashion…and just in the last eight years, have built a life around long-distance motorcycling. That last fact is one which would have been laughable over a dozen years ago. I had no interest in motorcycles, whatsoever, back then. In my opinion at the time, they were loud and obnoxious machines that carried around surly, foul-mouthed individuals. Obviously, I was very wrong. My eyes are now open, and I truly embrace the world of two-wheeled glory machines…while also maintaining my flair for fashion, even on the road!

After training with my motorcyclist husband for a couple of years on dirt and then on the street, followed by a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course in 2009, I have ridden thousands of miles over several states.

In 2014, I set my sights on earning a membership into the Iron Butt Association, via a SaddleSore 1000. So after 1,060 miles in 23 hours and 15 minutes, traveling from Asheville, North Carolina to St. Paul, Minnesota, I became a full-fledged member of the IBA, and was bitten bad by the long-distance bug.

That challenge was definitely a soul-booster for me, and last summer (2015), I finished an Iron Butt Association BunBurner 1500 (1,500 miles in 36 hours), starting in Hendersonville, North Carolina and finishing in Rapid City, South Dakota in 34 hours and 1 minute. Extreme long-distance is so addicting for me! So this fall (2017), I am planning to accomplish another Iron Butt Association Ride – the 50CC…that’s Coast-to-Coast in 50 HOURS. And, you can be sure that my saddlebags will be packed with sassy outfits and shoes, jewelry, makeup and my beloved curling iron. That’s the way this girl rolls…Iron Butt and all!

Welcome to my website! I look forward to taking you along with me on my journeys, through words, photos and videos, and sharing product and general travel reviews with you, as well as sharing some of the special people I will meet along the way. So hop on, keep calm, and let’s throttle on!!!

–The Fashionista 💃🏻

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